Pastor Robert Brown Jr.

Rev. Robert Brown, Jr., Pastor
Board Vice President

Pastor Robert Brown, Jr. of Cheltenham, PA has been preaching and teaching the word of God for 16 years. Pastor Brown was licensed in November 19, 2001. This experience includes Pastoring at Reborn Evangelical Crusade Ministries and Ministering at Tower of Pentecost Church of Philadelphia, PA.

He has a strong helpmate and prayer partner in First Lady Patricia Brown. Starting as childhood sweethearts, Pastor and First Lady have been married for 41 years. From this union they have two daughters. Kimberly (Damon Rose) and Marquita (Antony Minkins). They are also the proud grandparents of four grandchildren.

God has blessed Bible Evangelical Methodist Church over the last 4 years to be the recipients of Pastor & First Lady Brown’s obedience, faithfulness, hard work and dedication.

Pastor Brown joined the board with the hope of being a benefit to the community through the multitude of programs that No Longer Bound operates in. I believe my 39 years of experience  of working and being in  management at the Federal Reserve Bank  of Philadelphia might be of some help to the board of No Longer Bound .