Youth Programs

Girl Circle: Being a Girl

Introduces girls to the positive experience of a support circle addressing topics such as "Growing Up Female," "Growth and Self-Care," and "Female Role Models." Activities include collage, affirmations, and theme-related crafts.

Target audience: Girls ages 9 to 14                      9 sessions

Girl Circle: Friendship

Confronts relational aggression and shores girls up with strong interpersonal skills; knocks down barriers to pride, confidence, and empathy. Themes include topics such as "Being Included, Being Left Out," & "Feuds, Followers, & Fairness." Increases caring and relational competence.

Target audience: Girls ages 9 to 14                      9 sessions

Intro to Theatre

The purpose of Introduction to Theatre course is to increase students' understanding, appreciation, and critical perceptions of the theatrical event. Lessons will focus on the elements of telling stories through acting, and how observing their environment. Real life scenarios will be incorporated into the program to enhance the students’ experience.

Target audience: Youth ages 7 to 16                   16 sessions

Media Literacy

The Media Literacy Elementary School is a curriculum developed by Renee Hobbs. This activity-based curriculum teaches youth how to interpret media messages, purpose, target audience, attention-grabbing techniques and enhance critical thinking skills.

Target audience: Youth ages 6 to 11                   12 sessions

Media Straight Up

"Media Straight Up" is a Middle School curriculum designed to help kids make informed decisions, such as avoiding risky drug and alcohol-related behaviors, while learning how traditional and online media influence their behavior. Media literacy supports the goals of prevention by teaching youth to recognize how media messages influence them, helps develop critical thinking skills, and fosters healthy self-esteem.

Target audience: Youth ages 12 to 15                 12 sessions

OTC Literacy

Community leader will help to ensure that tweens and their families are educated about the safe use and storage of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines.

Target audience: Youth ages 8 to 12                   6 sessions

Steps for Success

The goal of working with girls at the critical ages of adolescence is to help them develop self-esteem, life skills, and positive motivations so that they are equipped with the tools to help them achieve their goals. Girls avoid getting into trouble as they physically and developmentally mature, especially before and as they are entering their teenage years and high school. Specifically addressing the needs of girls in this age range fills a need for prevention.

Target audience: Girls ages 9 to 13 & 14 to 18    16 sessions

The Boys Council: Growing Healthy, Going Strong

Boys will have fun identifying social-emotional messages, experiences, attitudes, and smart options for growing up male in our culture. Competition, bullying, recognizing, and expressing emotions, male and female role expectations, self-confidence, and teamwork are highlighted through games and team challenges.

Target audience: Boys ages 9 to 14                     10 sessions

The Boys Council: Standing Together: A Journey Into Respect

Boys address common themes which pre-teens and early adolescents encounter, including breaking down social-cultural barriers, motives and actions around put-downs, knowing their personal rights, defining assumptions about male power, respecting others'' physical boundaries, understanding and using the energy of strong emotions, and standing up for each other in community.

Target audience: Boys ages 9 to 14                     10 sessions

Too Good for Drugs and Violence After School

The program builds skills and strengthens healthy development in goal setting, communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, managing emotions, drug awareness, bonding and relationships and community.

Target audience: Youth ages 5 to 13                   16 sessions